mason twisters gymnastics

Competitive gymnastics is a year round commitment.  Our program is designed to teach a gymnast all the USAG skills that are necessary to become a competitive gymnast.  Below is some general information about our team:

  • Anyone interested in team needs to have an assessment done with our Head Coach, Yonce Daniels.  Please contact us at 513-229-8555 to set up that appointment.
  • We are a USAG sanctioned gym.
  • Team begins at Level 2; we do have Prep Team available that is set as a regular 8 week class that participants can take that prepares them for team.  This is an invitational only class, and an assessment is required to participate in this program.
  • Team participants must have a membership to the community center (Premier or Basic) and pay a monthly tuition for team.
  • Gymnasts need to attend at least one meet per month.  Meet locations vary.  All meet fees are paid via USAG.  Meet fees vary depending on level of the gymnast and location of the meet.  Fees can range from $25-$140 per meet.
  • Additional fees include warm ups, leotards, gym bag, spirit wear, gear etc
Level Monthly Tuition # of hours they train
2 $153 Premier

$180 Basic

6 hours per week
3 and 4 $179 Premier

$210 Basic

9 hours per week
Level 5 and up $209 Premier

$245 Basic

12 hours per week

**monthly tuition is set up as an auto debit payment and is charged automatically via a credit card or bank account