fire employment

working as a city of mason firefighter:

The City of Mason is a growing community with a diverse range of residential, commercial, light industry and recreational facilities. The City of Mason Fire Department (CMFD) is a growing department. We operate out of two stations located on the north (Station 51) and south (Station 52) end of the city and daily staff 2 fire apparatus including 1 aerial, 2 ALS medic units, 1 Paramedic chase car and a Battalion Chief. We are customer service oriented and work closely with the residents, businesses and city administration. The department is committed to a stringent training schedule including EMS, Fire and Technical rescue training drills. CMFD is a part of the Northeast Fire Collaborative, uses the Blue Card Command System, and operates under the Greater Miami Valley EMS Council Protocol.

we are looking for:

We are looking for individuals that are motivated to learn, are customer service oriented and hard working. We hire part time EMT’s, Advanced EMT’s, and Paramedics that also hold their Firefighter I or II certifications. We continually take applications for part time employment and hire full time as the need arises. You will be required to go through an extensive background check, multiple interviews, psychological and medical evaluations. If you are currently in training and want to work with us fill out an application today. Click on the files below for the job description

EMT and Paramedic job description

Agility Testing

work schedule:

CMFD is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our minimum staffing is three on a fire apparatus, two on each medic unit, a command unit staffed by a Deputy Chief or Lieutenant and an EMS chase vehicle staffed with one paramedic. Part time employees either work a set rotation of 24 hours on and 5 days off or fill in status working a maximum of 1,440 hours a year.

what we can offer you

For part time employees we offer an incentive program with three tiers for those on a regular rotation. The incentive program offers paid time off and pay increases after completion of each phase. CMFD offers in house Ohio approved CE training for both Fire and EMS. Participates in the Greater Miami Valley EMS Council Drug Bag exchange program that provides annual protocol and skills check offs. CMFD provides up to date well maintained equipment for both Fire and EMS.

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