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The City of Mason Fire Department handles over 3,600 fire and medical emergency responses each year. The department provides primary Fire and EMS protection within the corporate limits of Mason along with mutual aid assistance to neighboring communities 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Dispatching is through the Warren County Communications Center, located in Lebanon, a city 5 miles north of Mason.

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fire safety services

The City of Mason employs a full-time fire safety inspector who enforces state and local fire codes in the city. The City of Mason Fire Department’s goal is to work with businesses to ensure their continued success by minimizing losses through loss control and fire and emergency prevention. At least once a year, the inspectors visit all businesses in Mason to ensure that they provide a safe work environment and are in compliance with state and local fire codes. If and when violations are found, the owner/occupant is given notice to correct the items and is given an appropriate amount of time to make the changes to obtain compliance.

The fire safety inspector also works closely with the city’s Engineering & Building Department to review plans for new subdivisions, buildings, and additions to existing structures. Their goal is to make sure these meet fire code regulations and are easily accessible for fire and EMS equipment, and to help ensure that all fire safety items are addressed prior to the start of construction.

public education

A significant part of the Mason Fire Department’s services is the public education programs. Fire related public education programs are provided for schools, civic groups, and businesses. These programs are taught by on-duty Fire and EMS personnel.

fire auxiliary

The Mason-Deerfield Fire Auxiliary is a non-profit support group made up of area residents whose mission it is to support the operations of the Fire Department. Although the Auxiliary is not a part of the Fire Department and operates under its own board of directors, the Fire Department and Auxiliary work hand-in-hand to support and aid the residents of the city.

community emergency response team (cert)

The Community Emergency Response Team is a citizen organization that is trained to help out in a disaster until professional responders can take over. Training is provided.

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The Mason Fire Department is ready to respond to any type of emergency. In addition, the department conducts safety classes and inspections, and is always happy to answer your questions about emergency services. Please call the Administrative Office at 513.229.8540 to inquire about our programs. For emergency assistance dial 911. If you need immediate assistance after normal business hours call the Warren County Dispatch Non-Emergency number 513-695-2525.

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