Mason’s Culture of Wellness

The City of Mason is proud to be named the 4th Best Place to Live for Families in the United States by Fortune Well and the only community in the State of Ohio ranked in the top 25! Fortune’s ranking focused on families, particularly the subset of Americans referred to as the “sandwich generation” who are shouldering the responsibilities of raising their own children while caring for aging parents.

This recognition is a result of the City of Mason’s continuous commitment to building a culture of wellness in the community that supports active lifestyles for all ages. In partnership with TriHealth, the region’s leading health care provider, the City of Mason will be celebrating this achievement throughout 2023 with monthly offerings and activities aimed at building a healthier and stronger community.

Throughout the month of September, the City is promoting Compassion Month, with activities and initiatives aimed at cultivating a compassionate community. Compassion Month provides an opportunity for residents to come together and make a positive impact in the community, which ultimately aligns with the City’s mission of building a culture of wellness. By promoting compassion, the City is encouraging community members to recognize the assistance others may need throughout the community and the actions that can be taken to enhance the quality of life for everyone in Mason.

Being a good neighbor is a great way to show compassion towards other residents in the community. As part of Compassion Month, the City has created a campaign for community members to recognize a good neighbor, providing the opportunity for residents to highlight a fellow neighbor who demonstrates compassion. This can include someone who goes above and beyond to take care of their neighbors such as mowing someone else’s lawn, taking neighbors mail up to their door, or consistently does a good deed for a friend or neighbor.

Residents can share their story by emailing Those residents that are recognized will earn their chance to win a Come Together Mason e-gift card! This not only is a great way to thank fellow neighbors for their acts of compassion but fosters a sense of gratitude and kindness throughout the community.

The Mason Food Pantry Drive is an initiative to help individuals in need of assistance get on their feet by supplying them with basic nonperishable food items. Community members are encouraged to drop off nonperishable food and other needed items in the donation bins located inside the Mason Community Center. The Mason Food Pantry Drive will take place throughout the entire month of September. Community members are encouraged to help replenish items most in need at the Mason Food Pantry. These items can be viewed on the Mason Food Pantry’s site by clicking here.

In addition to donation items, the Mason Food Pantry is actively soliciting volunteers that are fluent in foreign languages to help communicate with a diverse range of customers. If you are interested in learning more, please contact the Mason Food Pantry at or call 513.229.3191.

Throughout the month of September, lets take the time to color Mason with Compassion! The Compassion in Action Sidewalk Chalk Challenge encourages residents to write an inspirational or friendly message outside their home near their driveway or sidewalk in an effort to spread positivity and remind community members to demonstrate compassion in their daily lives. Community members who participate in the Compassion in Action Sidewalk Challenge are encouraged to post a photo on social media using the hashtag #CompassionInAction and tag the City of Mason’s Facebook or Twitter to earn a chance to win a Come Together Mason e-gift card! Submissions can be sent in throughout the whole month of September and winners will be announced at the end of the month.

The City of Mason’s Good Choice Ticket program was established in 2017 as a way for the City of Mason Police Department to positively engage with youth in the Mason community who were demonstrating good behavior and decision making. Children who receive a Good Choice Ticket have the opportunity to redeem the ticket for a variety of perks at various local businesses in Mason.

The 2023 program kicked off in early summer and will conclude after the annual Heritage Festival on Saturday, September 16.  Youth throughout the community are encouraged to demonstrate compassion every day in September for their chance to receive a Good Choice Ticket before the program ends for 2023!

Mason Community Center

Mason Community Center is an amenity that serves as a hub for connectivity and community resources. The Center offers programs spanning from Kids Korner to Senior Center, creating a welcoming environment for individuals from all walks of life to come together in one place to find a sense of community.

In times of extreme heat or cold, the Community Center often serves as a refuge space for individuals and families who find themselves without utility service or exposed to unsafe living conditions due to natural disasters or weather-related events.  Mason Community Center also serves as the basis of many of the City’s community partnership with non-profit organizations that provide a service or resource to the Mason community. From our successful partnerships to our culture of inclusivity, compassion is at the foundation of the mission of Mason Community Center.

Mason is home to a growing, eclectic mix of small businesses that enhance the quality of life and create a vibrant sense of community and connection. The downtown area is the perfect destination to meet new people and spend quality time with friends and family.

Throughout the month of September, residents are encouraged to “Pay It Forward” at Mason small businesses! By paying it forward, residents will make someone’s day and encourage others to do a similar act of compassion. Paying it forward also helps to support the small business community. This initiative aims to unite residents of Mason and create a community of compassion and kindness.

Thank you, Mason residents and businesses, for continuing to support the City’s mission of building a culture of wellness and the complement of recreational amenities offered in the Mason community! For more information, please contact the City of Mason at or by phone at 513.229.8500.